KNWD Sports Demon Basketball Preview

By Richard Brumbelow, KNWD Sports Director It’s been quite the ride for Demon basketball fans as everyone through these times have been trying to make sense of all that is going on. Last year’s Demon squad flashed tremendous potential with an early tournament victory over Texas A&M – Corpus Christi. The team felt as thoughContinue reading “KNWD Sports Demon Basketball Preview”

Los Angeles Dodgers Claim 2020 World Series Crown

By Richard Brumbelow, KNWD Sports Director With many league seasons suspended and wondering when they would ever be able to start up again, the future did not look good for Major League Baseball’s 2020 season.   Fast forward seven months, and the Los Angeles Dodgers have just been crowned World Series champions.   It took a lot to getContinue reading “Los Angeles Dodgers Claim 2020 World Series Crown”

KNWD Sports 2020 NFL Season Preview

KNWD Sports Director Cole Brumbelow runs through the upcoming NFL season and what to expect when professional football returns this Sunday.