Heaven gained another angel

  Written by: Jasmine Frazier The Demon family mourns the lost of an incredible student athlete and national champions so suddenly. Daeshon Gordon passed last Sunday wounded the hearts of many. She was the most talented and loving person you could ever come across. If you did not know, Daeshon ran track here at NSU and holds theContinue reading “Heaven gained another angel”

Lip Sync: A NSU tradition

Written by: Brianna Corley  Homecoming week, a time of joy splintered between bursts of excitement and reunion, is filled to the brim with events for students both past and present. However, the coveted title of most anticipated tradition arguably belongs to that of the annual Lip Sync Battle. Last Tuesday, mounds of students gathered inContinue reading “Lip Sync: A NSU tradition”

‘Wildn Out’ comes to NSU Again this fall

Written By: Jasmine Frazier It is that time of year again for African American Caucus to host their annual Wildn Out auditions. Last Wednesday they hosted the first round of auditions looking for Wildn out girls and comedians. This is the fourth year AAC has hosted this event. If you have never heard of ‘WildnContinue reading “‘Wildn Out’ comes to NSU Again this fall”

The Amazing Race

  Written by: Brianna Corley As temperatures grow harsher and classes become more intense, an event occurred last Thursday to resurface a refreshing burst of fun in the impending face of mid-terms. On Iberville green, one may have noticed a brightly decorated table with offerings of considerable prizes for an event titled “Circle K’s AmazingContinue reading “The Amazing Race”

Victims of violence seek refuge in ‘When We Were Young’

Written By: Taijha Silas  NSU theater’s recent production of “When We Were Young and Unafraid” was “very heavy,” according to junior theater major Jade Duthu. “Being able to work on it and capture the message is really hard,” Duthu said. The play by Sarah Treem, which ran Oct. 11-13 in the Jack Wann Theatre, wasContinue reading “Victims of violence seek refuge in ‘When We Were Young’”

KNWD brings Festival vibes with Attack of the Bands

Written by: Jasmine Frazier On Thursday, KNWD hosted its third event of this semester titled: Attack of the Bands. A band competition where local artists in Natchitoches were given the opportunity to showcase their talents on the big stage at Normal Hill. The competition was so tight between the 4 bands that performed phenomenally. ThoseContinue reading “KNWD brings Festival vibes with Attack of the Bands”

Demons Take on Mental Health

Article Written by: Brianna Corley In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, which spanned from October 7th to October 13th, various activities and events took place across the nation in support of an issue which demands to be noticed. But how have colleges, and more relevantly Northwestern State University, deal with this heavy and crucialContinue reading “Demons Take on Mental Health”

Spring Awakening: The Songs of a Purple Summer

     Article Written By Taijha Silas “Spring Awakening,” a musical presented by Northwestern State University’s Theatre and Dance Department, is entering its second weekend. Set in 1890s Germany, “Spring Awakening” tells stories of sexual awakening, youth revolt and self-discovery. It is based on an 1891 play by Frank Wedekind, with book and lyrics by StevenContinue reading “Spring Awakening: The Songs of a Purple Summer”

Calling All Freshmen Connector Candidates!

Article Written by Brianna Corley Freshmen connection is one of the most prominent programs Northwestern State University offers. An intricately planned event where a new class of bright, promising students are welcomed by warm smiles, phenomenal memories, and the opportunity to create life long bonds. The race is already on to find the newest, andContinue reading “Calling All Freshmen Connector Candidates!”