OPINION: To thrift or not to thrift

By Cayman Watson Thrifting is seen as a fun activity for most people and they help the environment because instead of throwing the clothes away they are getting a new life. But not everyone can thrift, plus sized people or just people that don’t wear a straight size usually struggle to find clothes in theirContinue reading “OPINION: To thrift or not to thrift”

OPINION: The price of happiness

By ShaRay Brown As we get older, life begins to take a toll on us. We begin to vote, pay bills, buy cars and homes and become the independent individuals we were destined to be. We come across many challenges and tribulations and will face even more in the many years to come. As college students,Continue reading “OPINION: The price of happiness”

Opinion: The elephant in Hollywood: how fat people are mistreated in media

By Cayman Watson Imagine you are the fat person in a medium, whether it be a TV show, a movie, or a book. You receive no character development, no other personality aside from being fat. You’re only relevant when the skinny protagonist needs someone to dump their feelings on. With representation in media growing andContinue reading “Opinion: The elephant in Hollywood: how fat people are mistreated in media”

OPINION: How soon is too soon?

By ShaRay Brown As we all know, times are changing drastically. From the television we watch to the clothes we wear, nothing is remaining the same.  The world around us is also becoming more realistic. Song lyrics put emphasis on sexual conduct. Movies shows explicit sex scenes. When it comes to learning about safe sex, how soon is tooContinue reading “OPINION: How soon is too soon?”

OPINION: More is not always better in the race for POTUS

By Ethan Lachney When former Vice President Joe Biden formally announced his campaign for President of the United States on Apr. 25, he became the 21st Democrat to do so.  For reference, only two Republicans so far have announced they are running for office in 2020, one of which being the current president, Donald Trump. Continue reading “OPINION: More is not always better in the race for POTUS”