OPINION: More is not always better in the race for POTUS

By Ethan Lachney When former Vice President Joe Biden formally announced his campaign for President of the United States on Apr. 25, he became the 21st Democrat to do so.  For reference, only two Republicans so far have announced they are running for office in 2020, one of which being the current president, Donald Trump. Continue reading “OPINION: More is not always better in the race for POTUS”

The colors that made our student showcase

By Brianna Corley Despite being only its second year running, Northwestern State University’s Student Media Showcase has proven itself as a show of expression and talent for the university’s Communication department.  Work lined the walls that many guests likened to professionals, awards were given and as the showcase came to a close excitement for how the next year’s showContinue reading “The colors that made our student showcase”

Party like it’s 1942: NSU presents “The 1940’s Radio Hour”

By Ethan Lachney NSU’s theatre and dance company is taking Natchitoches back in time with their latest musical production, “The 1940’s Radio Hour.” Set in a radio station in New York in the year 1942, the play follows the station’s band broadcasting their Christmas special. The broadcast is the last for many of the membersContinue reading “Party like it’s 1942: NSU presents “The 1940’s Radio Hour””

LitCon celebrates the field of humanities

By Ethan Lachney NSU hosted its third annual LitCon event at the Orville Hanchey Gallery on Apr. 12 and 13.  The convention was presented as a celebration of the humanities and included various workshops and presentations highlighting the importance of the written, as well as spoken, word.  In addition to lectures and panels featuring localContinue reading “LitCon celebrates the field of humanities”

Demonfest, how is all comes together

By Leron Massey The majority of schools have the often titled “spring fest”, a time where artists come from near and wide to perform on behalf of the said respective college campus which hire them. Northwestern State University’s Demonfest, however, stands to be an event which retains an identity all its own. Hosted by theContinue reading “Demonfest, how is all comes together”

S.W.A.T. hosts alcoholism presentation

by Ethan Lachney On Mar. 28, Students with a Target, most commonly known as S.W.A.T., hosted a presentation on alcoholism.  The event, which took place in the Cane River Room, came just days before spring break officially began at NSU.  The event served to present different types of alcohol drinkers someone may be or mayContinue reading “S.W.A.T. hosts alcoholism presentation”

DemonFest 2019 boasts heavy turnout with notable headliner

by Ethan Lachney The annual music festival DemonFest has come and gone once more at NSU.  The event began at 1 p.m. on Mar. 22, 2019 with contemporary Christian band Advance the Light performing on the small stage.  Other performers on the small stage included VALE, The Sweet Tea Band, VV$nipes, The Green House CollectiveContinue reading “DemonFest 2019 boasts heavy turnout with notable headliner”

Frog Pond finds new owner, makes changes

By Ethan Lachney The Quad Apartments, formerly Frog Pond Apartments, has recently undergone a change  in ownership, and with it comes a multitude of major changes.  The complex, which is under the umbrella of Asset Campus Housing, serves as a budget off-campus housing alternative for NSU students.  Each apartment consists of a living area, full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and four separateContinue reading “Frog Pond finds new owner, makes changes”

Film Festival off to a strong start

By Ethan Lachney The Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies kicked off its annual Spanish Language Film Festival on Mar. 6.  The event, coordinated by Dr. Allison Rittmayer, associate professor of film studies and English at NSU, features two free screenings of a different Spanish language film from various parts of the world each week, once on WednesdayContinue reading “Film Festival off to a strong start”

Intramural baseball and softball prepare to kick of season

By Leron Massey NSU’S baseball and softball teams expect competitors to go from moderate time of practically no movement, to making brisk parallel developments while coming to and plunging for the ball. The arrangement for Intramural softball is the same as planning for softball on the university level. Team chemistry, knowing the standards, and continuallyContinue reading “Intramural baseball and softball prepare to kick of season”