Los Angeles Dodgers Claim 2020 World Series Crown

By Richard Brumbelow, KNWD Sports Director

With many league seasons suspended and wondering when they would ever be able to start up again, the future did not look good for Major League Baseball’s 2020 season.  

Fast forward seven months, and the Los Angeles Dodgers have just been crowned World Series champions.  

It took a lot to get to this point, however, that is not the focus here. The focus is on the newest champions in a line of talented rosters to win the World Series. To say that it has been a long time coming would have to be an understatement.   

The Dodgers have not won a World Series title since 1988. Since then, the team has made three appearances in the championship. All three, of which, came within the last four years of baseball. In 2017 and 2018, the Dodgers lost in back-to-back Series against the Houston Astros and then to the Boston Red Sox.  

During these few years, it always felt as if the Dodgers were a sort of automatic favorite to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy. However, fans were only met with disappointment. However, all that changed this year as the unfamiliar territory favored the legendary franchise.  

With the World Series being held in Arlington, TX at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field, there was no home field advantage in this series. Both teams, as they had done all year, relied on the talent that they had developed and played into all season.  

The Dodgers took down the Tampa Bay Rays to win the Series 4-2. While the Rays were able to take two games away from LA, the team never let up nor backed down.  

One of the heroes of the series was none other than the Dodgers star pitchers, Clayton Kershaw, who has flashed an illustrious 12-year career. Across this span lay three National League Cy Young Awards and one National League MVP. However, with his first World Series championship under his belt, Kershaw is not flashing his resume just yet. As reported by Bill Plunkett, Kershaw states “We won the World Series. I don’t care about legacy. I don’t care about what happened last year. I don’t care about what people think. … The 2020 Dodgers won the World Series. Who cares about all that other stuff?” 

So rather than wonder about how the MLB was able to get to this point or what this title means for the team and players, fans of the MLB and LA should take a moment to bask in victory and as Kershaw stated, “Who cares about all the other stuff?” 

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