By Richard Brumbelow, KNWD Sports Director

As the college football season dawned in the late summer of 2020, the sports world was full of different rumors and news on how the season would continue. There were many typical questions such as teams’ protocols, testing, attendance, and so on. Some conferences, such as the Southland, home to Northwestern State Athletics, postponed their season until the spring semester. Others, such as the Big 12 and the SEC decided to press on with conference play.

Fast forward to October, and the college football community is left with more questions than answers in terms of the playing during the pandemic.

While many programs are having success combatting the virus and maintain player health during this time, others are struggling to keep up. Some since the beginning of the season. Baylor University’s football team is one of the bigger names of college football that have been struggling to keep the virus at bay. Currently, the Bears have 28 active cases amongst players with 14 members of the staff also testing positive.

Closer to Louisiana, head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, Nick Saban has tested positive. Saban, the six-time championship-winning head coach, has said “I’m doing great,” and “I don’t have any symptoms. I don’t have a fever.” However, due to COVID-19 protocol, Saban will have to stay home with no role in play-calling during Sunday’s pivotal matchup against conference rival and the No. 3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

Recently, the LSU Tigers have been affected as their matchup with the Florida Gators, originally scheduled for this Saturday, has been postponed. The Gators, in just one week, have reported 19 new cases among players, coaches, and staff.

While the NCAA has released information regarding eligibility for winter sports and other COVID-19 related guidelines and updates, it doesn’t seem as though the organization has any answers for college football at this time.

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