OPINION: To thrift or not to thrift

By Cayman Watson

Thrifting is seen as a fun activity for most people and they help the environment because instead of throwing the clothes away they are getting a new life. But not everyone can thrift, plus sized people or just people that don’t wear a straight size usually struggle to find clothes in their size at thrift shops. This is because most thrift stores don’t carry an abundance of plus sized clothes and most consignment shops do not take those clothes.

The reason Plus Size clothing doesn’t often show up in thrift stores is that most people wear the clothes until they are unwearable. For example, Jeans don’t usually make it into thrift shops especially if the jeans are good because plus size jeans are expensive and its hard to find good ones that don’t rip between the thighs after you wear them three times.

Thrifting is a growing trend among youth because it’s cheaper than clothes at the store, it doesn’t support fast fashion, and it is good for the environment.

But an unforeseen side effect of this is straight size people purchasing plus sized clothing to make straight sized outfits. This takes away clothing from underprivileged plus size people and just people that can’t afford to spend $50 on a pair of jeans that will eventually rip between the thighs.

Personally, I believe that if your store carries a lot of plus size items then go ahead but if there is only one 2X in the store and you don’t wear a 2X put it down. People argue that as long as the clothes are being worn what is the problem?

The issue is that those clothes could have been worn by someone less fortunate who needs them instead of being cut up for some skinny girl’s YouTube channel. Cutting up most of the clothing, that someone else could wear is not reuse, it is waste.

When you go thrift shopping be mindful in what you pick up and purchase and remember that not everything is made for you.

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