OPINION: The price of happiness

By ShaRay Brown

As we get older, life begins to take a toll on us. We begin to vote, pay bills, buy cars and homes and become the independent individuals we were destined to be. We come across many challenges and tribulations and will face even more in the many years to come.

As college students, we are here to get our degree so we can make more money in the future. But, should money be the main factor of happiness? 

When we take a look at today’s celebrities, we see all of the things that they own. From showing off their flashy watches to seeing them in their private jets, They all seem to look like they are living their best life. It looks like everything comes easy to them.

But what is really happening on the inside? There have been many celebrities who admit it being depressed, dealing with anxiety, and even possessing suicidal thoughts.

This just shows that no matter how rich you are, you are not excluded from going through the same things that a regular person in the world goes through. 

Many would say that money would be able to fix every problem they are facing right now. If you are hungry, you can buy food with your money. If you need clothes, you can buy new ones with your own money.

But why should we let money determine what makes us happy? In life, we should begin to consider the small things that matter. Maybe talking to an old friend from years ago. Maybe even a small smile from a stranger when your day is going bad.

Life has so much to offer, and sometimes we let the materialistic things get in they way of seeing those fantastic things. We should all find the key to life, which is pure happiness. 

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