Homecoming game recap: 4th quarter misstep makes Demonland not the happiest place on earth

By Cayman Watson

Homecoming has come and gone and it was truly a magical week in Demonland.

After multiple events, including the parade and pep rally, came the true catalyst of this week: the homecoming football game. Alumni, coming from far and wide, and current students pack Turpin Stadium to watch the Northwestern Sate Demons take on the Central Arkansas Bears.

The 3pm tailgate kicked off a Demon football Saturday with students, faculty, and alumni packing the tailgate area. Greek letters and signs denoting the various tents all echoing music and laughter, the smell of barbecue filling the air. With fans and a packed student section cheering them on, the game kicks off and the Demons take an early lead, building more energy in an already energetic and packed stadium.

With the Demons taking the lead into halftime, it was time for performances and the presentation of the court. The pom line went first performing to an exciting energetic mix of songs with great moves, then the Spirit of Northwestern performed their newest show for this season “Hereauxs” which is composed of songs from the marvel cinematic universe.

Then came the moment people came for: the announcement of this year’s homecoming court. People were cheering on, taking pictures and videos of friends and classmates as they made their way across the field. The homecoming court consisted of 22 members with Kristen Prejean as queen and Jacob Ellis as king.

Going into the fourth quarter, the game was tied. The Demons made a late game touchdown but instead of tying the game up and sending us into overtime with a field goal, they instead went for the 2 – point conversion and fell short. The game ended with a final score of 30-31.

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