KNWD’s This Week in Trending: Everyday Rockstars

By ShaRay Brown

The Pumpkin King

As the year winds down, the weather is getting colder and the holidays are approaching. 

Halloween kicks off many people’s favorite part of the year, and this means trick or treating and pumpkin carving. But how much carving does the typical American do?

Ric Griffith is a resident of Kenova, West Virginia, and has started the tradition of carving 3,000 pumpkins a year. It started as a small family ritual but it has grown to serve as a past time activity for the whole community.

Many come to see this house surrounded by the unique themed jack-o-lanterns and even help create some of them. It has truly become a city attraction for the month of October that the population enjoys as well as people around the world.  

Dancing Queen

When you have a passion for something, nothing in the world can stop you from enjoying it.

Georgia Deane is 100-year-old great grandmother who owns a dance studio and is still dancing. She has been widowed 3 times and has beat breast cancer.

Although she has had her trials and tribulations, Georgia remains positive to live her healthy lifestyle. She looks on the brighter side of all aspects of life.

“I’m 100 and I can still do what I do, why should I retire?” Ms. Deane says. “You keep going, that’s what keeps me alive… the minute you stop moving, the end.” 

So if we can all have the motivation Georgia has, maybe we can too live to be 100. 

Born to Ride

As life goes on, we create dreams that we want to complete in our lifetime. But as we get older, we lose the ability to do these things.

Helen Sharp, who is 96, has had one major dream: to ride a motorcycle. When she was younger, she liked to ride her bicycle. 

Unfortunately, life happened fast and she had to raise children and take care of a farm. There was no time to ride a motorcycle for enjoyment.

Now, she is leaving hospice care (thanks to her daughter) so she can fulfill her dream.

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