OPINION: How soon is too soon?

By ShaRay Brown

As we all know, times are changing drastically. From the television we watch to the clothes we wear, nothing is remaining the same. 

The world around us is also becoming more realistic. Song lyrics put emphasis on sexual conduct. Movies shows explicit sex scenes. When it comes to learning about safe sex, how soon is too soon? 

 Many schools do not mention sex education until the students’ high school years. Some do not even bring it up. This brings me to the future generations: if no one in schools nor family members will discuss these topics, then who will? 

In this day and age sex can be a sensitive topic, but it is a serious topic that needs to be discussed. From consent to STD’s, we need to understand that it is not just an activity we do when we like the way someone looks. 

People must gain an understanding that there is someone who really deserves you. If you keep giving out your candy, there will be none left for the winner of the game!  

Middle school may seem a little too early to be teaching kids about sex, but why not? It is better for them to be introduced to the subject now than being blindsided once they get into the real world. It is always better to be safe than sorry! 

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