Q&A: The Spirit of Northwestern prepares for the game of a lifetime

By Cayman Watson

Photo by Dr. Jeff Matthews

Next Saturday night as the stadium lights come on in Death Valley, 342 Spirit of Northwestern members will take the field. They have put in countless hours in the sun preparing for the upcoming football season and especially for this upcoming game, Northwestern State University vs. Louisiana State University, which is being touted as one of the biggest games the Demons football team will play this year.

The school is buzzing with energy and the band has every intention to match that energy both on the field and in the stands.

KNWD’s Cayman Watson spoke with freshman saxophone player Kamryn Johnson about her experience prepping for the game.

KNWD: Are you excited to play at LSU or is this like any other football game?

Kamryn Johnson: I’m really excited to play actually. There’s a lot of rivalry between our two schools and it gives me another reason to push a little bit harder during practice.

What’s it been like preparing for this game and the season?

As a freshman, everything is very new to me but the band has been very kind and welcoming. I’m pretty busy most of the time practicing and memorizing the music for the game.

What can fans look forward to from the band in the stands and on the field?

This show is very versatile to the average fan. There’s something for everyone in the show no matter what you’re into.

Is there a favorite part of performing for you?

My favorite part out of it all is the sense of community and commitment that everyone has during the show. We’re all working towards the same goal of creating beautiful music and entertaining the fans.

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