Demonfest, how is all comes together

Photo courtesy of Dhaija Smith

By Leron Massey

The majority of schools have the often titled “spring fest”, a time where artists come from near and wide to perform on behalf of the said respective college campus which hire them.

Northwestern State University’s Demonfest, however, stands to be an event which retains an identity all its own. Hosted by the campus radio station, KNWD. All public relations, selection of lineup, set up and working of this massive concert are exclusively student ran. As such, the planning often begins in early August in order for assurance of a fun and meticulously organized event.

“My task was to coordinate volunteers,” Cinnamon, audio productions director stated, “It was my job to gather, sort, organize and to help us at KNWD run the event smoothly.”

When inquired about how the event went, Cinnamon regarded it as “so much fun” and the reaction to the concert was “overwhelmingly positive.”

The hardworking staff at KNWD have continued to improve Demonfest year after year, insuring that when it comes to a close NSU students find themselves already anticipating next year’s addition.

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