S.W.A.T. hosts alcoholism presentation

by Ethan Lachney

On Mar. 28, Students with a Target, most commonly known as S.W.A.T., hosted a presentation on alcoholism. 

The event, which took place in the Cane River Room, came just days before spring break officially began at NSU. 

The event served to present different types of alcohol drinkers someone may be or may come across, during spring break or otherwise.

The presentation also put alcoholism on a spectrum, so that spectators could better understand that alcoholism is more than a black and white issue.

Those in attendance learned of a healthier way to drink and how to avoid alcoholism completely. 

Refreshingly, the point was not to discourage drinking alcohol of any kind. The presentation simply emphasized the power of moderation when drinking in order to avoid overconsumption which can cause serious and permanent damage or, in many other cases, death. 

S.W.A.T. is a student-run outreach program intended to encourage positive habits among students and inform students in order to keep them safe. 

The president of Students with a Target is Amber Slater and the group is sponsored by student counselor Maggie Welch.

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