Intramural baseball and softball prepare to kick of season

By Leron Massey

NSU’S baseball and softball teams expect competitors to go from moderate time of practically no movement, to making brisk parallel developments while coming to and plunging for the ball. The arrangement for Intramural softball is the same as planning for softball on the university level. Team chemistry, knowing the standards, and continually having a fabulous time are a couple of approaches to get ready for the season. 

Up and coming organization Juice Athletics has been getting ready for the IM softball season for the last fourteen days. Juice Athletics have been overwhelmingly dominating intramural games since its entry into the sport in 2018. This school year alone they’ve earned four championship titles.

Sophomore Ty’Tiana Roy who played softball prior to college in high school stated, “It takes practice and cooperation to have an effective season since this isn’t a one man show.”

“Its hard to see where we are at as a group with everyone maintaining sources of income outside of school,” Tracy Wilridge Jr., the trainer of the ladies’ and men’s softball teams remarked. “When more individuals can come to practice and play together as a team we’ll have the capacity to see where we’re at.” 

Juice Athletics men’s first game is Monday, Mar. 11 at 5:00 p.m.; while the women’s first game is Tuesday, Mar. 12 at 3:00 p.m.

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