Frog Pond finds new owner, makes changes

By Ethan Lachney The Quad Apartments, formerly Frog Pond Apartments, has recently undergone a change  in ownership, and with it comes a multitude of major changes.  The complex, which is under the umbrella of Asset Campus Housing, serves as a budget off-campus housing alternative for NSU students.  Each apartment consists of a living area, full kitchen, a washer and dryer, and four separateContinue reading “Frog Pond finds new owner, makes changes”

Film Festival off to a strong start

By Ethan Lachney The Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies kicked off its annual Spanish Language Film Festival on Mar. 6.  The event, coordinated by Dr. Allison Rittmayer, associate professor of film studies and English at NSU, features two free screenings of a different Spanish language film from various parts of the world each week, once on WednesdayContinue reading “Film Festival off to a strong start”

Intramural baseball and softball prepare to kick of season

By Leron Massey NSU’S baseball and softball teams expect competitors to go from moderate time of practically no movement, to making brisk parallel developments while coming to and plunging for the ball. The arrangement for Intramural softball is the same as planning for softball on the university level. Team chemistry, knowing the standards, and continuallyContinue reading “Intramural baseball and softball prepare to kick of season”

Mardi Gras is back in town

by Ethan Lachney Mardi Gras season has arrived once again in Louisiana, and the students of Northwestern State University are letting the good times roll.  With classes set to resume at noon on Wednesday, students will have plenty of time to partake in various events happening around the state, such as in New Orleans, whichContinue reading “Mardi Gras is back in town”