English department showcase celebrates new creative writing concentration

By Brianna Corley

A program was hosted last Thursday which showcased the creative writing works of Department of English, Foreign Languages, and Cultural Studies in anticipation for the newly formed creative writing concentration to debut this fall.

Audience members were presented with tales of lady death and her infatuation with beginnings, taught to use a knife by a switchblade-smile-man in Nebraska, and introduced to the begrudged citizens of Paris, Arkansas, who had been forced into a reality television show focused on the dying prospect of the American dream.

“This was a great event, we had a great turn out and an enthusiastic crowd,” stated Dr. Rebecca Macijeski, one of the various presenters of the night and the coordinator of the creative writing concentration.

Refreshments were plentiful and a Q&A shortly was held after the main program for those interested in the creative writing course’s offering alongside questions which explored the pieces presented.

“I’m really glad there is going to be chance to pursue creative writing more seriously,” noted Hannah Worley, sophmore. “I was disappointed when I came here and there wasn’t a concentration but now that there is I will try to look into it.”

When regarding students, who are interested in the creative writing concentration, Dr. Macijeski had this to say.

“If you’re someone who is thinking ‘oh my gosh I want to be a writer but I also want to have a job’ I urge you to try, I was a creative writing major in college and though I was unsure of practical implications of that I can honestly say writing has brought me almost everything single thing I care about.”  

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