Hidden Figures author Margot Lee Shetterly comes to NSU

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Written By: Jasmine Frazier

Last Monday the author of the book Hidden Figures that was later turned into a movie, Margot Lee Shetterly came to Northwestern sate to give a lecture about her inspiration for the book.

After the lecture was a book signing for everyone that was interested in meeting the author up close and personal. Ms. Shetterly gave a very intimate inside view of what inspired her to write the book and told us a little bit about her personal background.  One thing that was a priority to Ms. Shetterly was to tell the world the story of these iconic women and the role they play in the history of NASA.

Growing up Margot knew some of these influential women closely as her dad was a NASA Langley research scientist. Her goal was to tell this story and tell it right. One thing that Ms. Shetterly said was that “I did not choose this story, this story chose me.” The journey of this story being written began a six-year journey of collecting all of the research needed to preserve each woman’s journey.

The student government association that brought Ms. Shetterly here to discuss what inspired her to write this book and for students to meet the Author giving them an opportunity to see such an inspiring person and the trials she endured on her journey as a writer. “It was nice for us to bring someone out that can influence a different crowd of people,” said Korey Cleveland, member of SGA..

One person that stood out of the crowd in the audience at the book signing was Northwestern States President, Dr. Maggio. While speaking with him he stated, “I just think that the book shows a wonderful story of empowerment. You know it displays African American & female empowerment so well.” Dr. Maggio explained. “The students were able to meet someone of her magnitude and meet the human side of her.”


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