Ladies show off beauty, talent and charm in the annual Miss Black and Gold Pageant

Written by: Brianna Corley

Last Thursday,  Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity transformed the Friedmen Student Union ball room into a glistening display fit for the anticipated Miss Black and Gold Pageant. A Scholarship competition composed of various phases in which contestants present their charm, intellect, and beauty with aspirations for gaining the esteemed title of 2018 Miss Black and Gold.

“The Miss Black and Gold pageant holds a special place in my heart because it shows how beautiful a woman is, not only on the outside but on the inside,” remarked Alexia Rubin, former Miss Black title holder. “You can see the poise, the confidence, and the happiness because whatever’s inside comes out,” Rubin said.

But the competing ladies showcasing multitudes of talents, along with bathing suites, gorgeous evening gowns, and giving insight on complex questions were not the only entertainment, albeit being the main events. Acts of music and reading aloud of personal literature works throughout intermissions kept the audience engaged.

A total of 9 contestants gave their all, but only one winner could rein the newly made Miss Black and Gold. After much anticipation, JoAnna Fisher was awarded the 2018 title as audience applause filled the room.

“Personally, the hardest thing for me was that I already had a title and coming out to compete and to see the girls and their extraordinary confidence made me really nervous,” laughed JoAnna Fisher, “But that made me want to work harder than everyone else in the room.”

With her new platform and title, JoAnna wishes to serve the community and aid high school students who plan to attend college fill out applications and scholarships.

Former Miss Black had this advice to give alongside her congratulations.

“I would tell her to continue to be herself because everyone else is already taken and if someone doesn’t like it, it’s their loss, she’s awesome the way she is.”


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