The importance of modern journalism

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Written by: Jasmine Frazier

Journalism day is a very informational day for all upcoming college students.

Held annual, journalism day is were high schools come every year to Northwestern State, to learn everything the communications department has to offer. At J-day students have the opportunity to attend panels about student media, TV producing, internship opportunities and more.

Some students had the opportunity to compete in a radio competition, TV broadcasting competition, writing competition sports reporting and photojournalism competition. This event gives these students insight on how media will be as a whole in college and in the entertainment industry,

Our panelists were some of our amazing students and alumni. Javonti Thomas had the panel about television producing. He is NSU alumni and spoke with the students about what he knows and loves about his job.

“I really enjoyed answered all of the questions the students had, I remember when I first started working in the industry I didn’t really have anyone to ask questions or give me advice” said Thomas. “I informed them about different jobs in the industry, producing is something that I do. Its not a position that’s necessarily talked about, but is probably one of the most needed jobs at any news station.”

The internship panel was hosted by 4 of our current comm students and one alumni giving the students insight on some great internships that they should take before graduating college.

Communications major and NSU senior Korey Rachal had this to share.

“My favorite part apart J-day is just get to talk to the students and encouraging them to get involved when they do come to college” Korey explained. “ One thing I made a point to do is motivate students to get involved in media because despite the negative things people say about media there amazing jobs in the media industry” said Korey.

On the internship panel was also Landon Wright, he is also a graduating senior and currently works in the field of radio stated this. “Find what you are good at and stick with it. Not everyone is cut out for everything but try everything. Treat Journalism like you would a sport.”


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