Journalism Day

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Written by: Taijha Silas, KNWD reporter

Every year journalism is becoming something bigger than before and this event encompasses all those categories into one fun filled learning event. 

Northwestern State University hosted the 25th Year of Journalism Day. Journalism Day is for high school students to come and look at the different fields that go with journalism and broadcasting. J-Day consists of Sports Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting and TV Reporting. J-Day has competitions in these categories to see how far along these students are coming in these fields. 

Savannah Stevens, junior communications major encouraged students to look deeper and shared this. “If I was one of these students, I would be looking for the production status, the main thing I like to do is video editing, so I would learn what equipment they have, how involved they are in TV production and broadcast.”

During Journalism Day there were breakout sessions when students could learn more about Sports and Radio broadcasting, TV reporting, Public Relations Engineering and what Journalism and Broadcasting Opportunities we have here at NSU.  

Isaiah Bonner, a Junior at CE Byrd High School had this to share, “Today I want to learn how to manage myself, also how to get the truth out of people, and being a more balanced person.”


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