J-Day Takes Over NSU

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Written by: Brianna Corley

Journalism Day is perhaps the crown jewel of Northwestern State University’s mass media department. A highly anticipated, annual occurrence attended by various high schools from Shreveport to Vidalia, students are given opportunities to compete in competitions such as TV news, news writing, and the newly established sports broadcasting division as well as attend panels hosted by professionals across every­ manner of media field.

“I think it’s a very interesting opportunity to go too, you get to experience different parts of journalism,” noted Acacia Cocker, LSMA student, “You get the social media aspect, the writing aspect, broadcasting. You really get a great introduction of what the career can provide for you.”

The event was a declaration and reminder of mass media’s extreme outreach, effects, and potential alongside fact the field is ever evolving within vivid age of social media and the next generation will find many of themselves emerging as figure heads in the changing tides.

“It’s a time where I can actually inspire other people to pursue this career. I didn’t get to experience this in high school and so I really didn’t know what was out there,” stated Javonti Thomas, KSLA news producer, NSULA alumni, and one of the many J-day panelist. “So to be able to help people answer any questions about their career is worth it for me.”

In regards to advice for those aspiring to

“I would say apply anyway. I applied for a job when I was a junior that I was not qualified for and I got it. Think of your dream job and make it happen don’t wait for someone else to make it for you,”  Thomas said.



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