Heaven gained another angel


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Written by: Jasmine Frazier

The Demon family mourns the lost of an incredible student athlete and national champions so suddenly. Daeshon Gordon passed last Sunday wounded the hearts of many. She was the most talented and loving person you could ever come across. If you did not know, Daeshon ran track here at NSU and holds the fastest times for the 100-meter hurdles and 400-meter hurdles.

The track and field team held a candle lighting last Thursday at the Walter P. Hedgeman track complex. So many people came to the track to hear her close friends; coaches and Dr. Maggio speak about how strong, talented and motivated that she was. One of her teammates Natashia Jackson wrote a beautiful poem about her that expressed the light that Daeshon shed on this campus.

Her teammates were the closest to her, especially those apart of hurdle squad, Jameria Smith a senior on the track and field team was inspired every single day by her “Daeshon was the happiest person on the team, she created the positive vibes that we needed to keep us going whenever we wanted to quit,” Jameria explained. “I’m going to miss all of her energy that she brought to the team, I love her so much.”

Being apart of a team is like gaining siblings you never thought you would have. Day in and day out is spent with these individuals as they prepare themselves for the 2019 track season.

“Daeshon was more than my teammate, she was the most supportive person on this team! She was so encouraging, I could not have asked for a better friend,” Said senior Sarah Lewis.

Her legacy will forever live on, long live Deacon Gordon.



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