Lip Sync: A NSU tradition

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Written by: Brianna Corley 

Homecoming week, a time of joy splintered between bursts of excitement and reunion, is filled to the brim with events for students both past and present. However, the coveted title of most anticipated tradition arguably belongs to that of the annual Lip Sync Battle.

Last Tuesday, mounds of students gathered in front of A.A. Fredriks up to nearly an hour before the auditorium’s heavy doors were even set to open in aims for a shot a gaining a good seat. The growing group of awaiting students faced off against low temperatures as they awaited eagerly for a chance to watch NSU’s assorted campus groups and programs compete for the winning title.

“It was a lot of work, we practiced on it for a month,” noted Ashely Stracener, freshmen and member of the presidential program group. “The hardest part to me was, well, I can’t really dance,” she laughed, “Thankfully I made a lot of friends who helped me out along the way so we could do something great together.”

Greek life and general groups performed tales of cowboys and sheriffs, traveled to the west coast and old west alike, and pulled impressive dance moves in their homecoming-themed gear. Even Vic was capable of partaking in the fun, making a select few guest appearances throughout.

“I think it really surpassed my expectations,” stated Sarah Diggs, first time viewer of Lip Sync battle, “Each group brought their all and the show was just a really good time.”

Out of the seven groups which competed, Louisiana Scholars College won the honor of first place.

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