‘Wildn Out’ comes to NSU Again this fall

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Written By: Jasmine Frazier

It is that time of year again for African American Caucus to host their annual Wildn Out auditions. Last Wednesday they hosted the first round of auditions looking for Wildn out girls and comedians. This is the fourth year AAC has hosted this event.

If you have never heard of ‘Wildn Out’ it is a show that comes on MTV with so many up and coming comedians that are on teams with beautiful models that are known as Wildnout girls. Nick Cannon originally created the show but our version of the show will feature so many of your talented peers.

At auditions the judges are looking for people that can make you laugh and can do well with improve comedy skits.

“So many comedians will be coming together bringing laughter and entertainment doing skits with the wildn out girls,” said Vice President Kaila Herbert of AAC.

Some of the people you will see as comedians or Wildn out girls have been apart of this event before and they enjoy making people laugh and involving their selves with campus activities.

This is junior Kenavion Bakers third year being a comedian in NSU’s version of Wildn Out. “I’ve enjoyed doing wildn out these past two years.” Kenavion explained. “I enjoy making people laugh and keeping people in uplifting spirits around me, it’s like contagious laughter.”

Sophomore Lydia Johnson tried out to be a Wildn Out girl. This is her second year being apart of the Wildn Out crew. “Last years show was so much fun so I’m only assuming this one will be the same,” Lydia explained. “Come out and support AAC you are not going to be disappointed!”

Wildn Out will is set to be held on November 14th

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