The Amazing Race


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Written by: Brianna Corley

As temperatures grow harsher and classes become more intense, an event occurred last Thursday to resurface a refreshing burst of fun in the impending face of mid-terms. On Iberville green, one may have noticed a brightly decorated table with offerings of considerable prizes for an event titled “Circle K’s Amazing Race.”

“Circle K is a community service based organization, basically we give back to the community,” explained Tayla Oliver, the event’s organizer and circle K representative, “We’re raising funds to do more events and better ourselves by going to conventions to learn skills that will help us give back more.”

The Amazing Race involved an intricately advised scavenger hunt across the NSU campus where each team was given a slip of paper addressed with a clue to the next designation spot marked by a circle K member baring a red clad flag. The first team to successfully find all destinations and return to Iberville first would be deemed the inner, and out of the five competing groups there could be only two prizes.

First place sophomore winners Annabelle Parka and Kaleb Krokorian sported a 100$ award for their efforts. “It was a lot a running, but it was worth the effort” Anabelle noted.

“I feel the biggest challenge here was the endurance part but we just know the campus so well just going to point from point was just easy for us,” Kaleb stated.

The second-place team included Kierston Jackson, Junior and Jansen Chilsey, Senior. The duo received two gift cards of 25$.



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