An N-side Look at NSU


Written by: Taijha Silas

On October 13, 2018 Northwestern State University had one of their annual N-Side View days. N-Side View is a way for high school juniors and seniors to see what Northwestern has to offer. N-side view starts at 8oclok am with check-in and an organization browse in the courtyard. At 10o clock there is an orientation and guest speaker and after will lead to a variety of on campus events.”

N-Side View Day is a special day set aside just for juniors and seniors. It’s a time when you can tour the campus, meet new students, and submit your admissions information to the University. N-Side View Day gives you a sneak peek into college life. By coming to our preview day, you can speak with a faculty member representing your intended major and with students representing organizations that spark your interest. You will also get a chance to view our beautiful campus and downtown Historic Natchitoches.

Representatives from the Financial Aid, Housing and Scholarship offices will be available to answer your questions. Parents are encouraged to come and experience a Parent Panel and much more. In the afternoon, join in all the fun, food and action of Demon Football! All events are free to the student and parents may purchase game tickets at the tailgate at a reduced rate of $5.” (NSULA Recruitment Office). 

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