Victims of violence seek refuge in ‘When We Were Young’


Written By: Taijha Silas 

NSU theater’s recent production of “When We Were Young and Unafraid” was “very heavy,” according to junior theater major Jade Duthu.

“Being able to work on it and capture the message is really hard,” Duthu said.

The play by Sarah Treem, which ran Oct. 11-13 in the Jack Wann Theatre, was a second season show, meaning it was student-directed, with a student-based cast and crew.

The show follows four women and a man trying to find themselves and escape their pasts. In the early 1970s, before Roe v. Wade, before the Violence Against Women Act, Agnes (Duthu) has turned her quiet bed and breakfast into one of the few spots where victims of domestic violence can seek refuge.

As the drums of a feminist revolution grow louder outside of Agnes’s tiny world, she is forced to confront her own presumptions about the women she’s spent her life trying to help.

“Playing an older character, trying to capture her motherly spirit in this changing world during the ’70s, has been something I have learned through this experience,” Duthu said.

It was the first show for Dylan Fusilier, a freshman theater major who played the role of Paul, one of Agnes’s guests.

“It’s been a very laid-back process because it is student based,” Fusilier said. “Because of that, it has helped me push myself.”

“My favorite character and part of the show is when Hannah is introduced,” said Summer Jones, a freshman theater major who was assistant stage manager. “She a big character with a huge personality, and she’s not letting anything stand in her way.”

Director Hannah Gallow, a senior theater major, dedicated the show to her mother.


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