KNWD brings Festival vibes with Attack of the Bands

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Written by: Jasmine Frazier

On Thursday, KNWD hosted its third event of this semester titled: Attack of the Bands. A band competition where local artists in Natchitoches were given the opportunity to showcase their talents on the big stage at Normal Hill.

The competition was so tight between the 4 bands that performed phenomenally. Those bands included: Blue Voodoo, Rella, On Point Band and Vale.

“I am enjoying myself! I’m excited to see On point band perform,” said sophomore   Joronda Griffin.

The students voted for their favorite band, as only one could be crowned the winner and that band was Rella, who won the overall band competition.

Included in the Battle of the bands were a plethora of  Halloween festiveness stations students participated in.

Those activities included bobbing for worms,  pin the spider toss, face painting, pumpkin caverning, costume contest and lastly, a photo booth to capture great moments with friends or family.

Best friends Elena Winners & Layla Easley bonded by participating in the pumpkin carving contest.

“I love how it’s not just crowded, like its enough people to have a good time,” Said Elena Winners. “Our pumpkin describes two people of ambiguous sex in love on a rainbow,” said Layla Easly.

Junior and history major, Sabrina Mckeithen participated in the costume contest as a dead bride with a heart in her hand. “ I love dressing up, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,” Sabrina added. “The music is great, the event is beautiful, it’s just amazing,” said Mckeithen.


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