Demons Take on Mental Health

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Article Written by: Brianna Corley

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, which spanned from October 7th to October 13th, various activities and events took place across the nation in support of an issue which demands to be noticed. But how have colleges, and more relevantly Northwestern State University, deal with this heavy and crucial topic?

“You have to take care of yourself mentally just as you would your physical health,” acknowledged Brittany Mcmin, a counselor at NSU employed by the Counseling Center located on the third floor of the Student Union.

The University Counseling Center provides confidential, professional counseling free of charge for all Northwestern State University Students as well as hold programs such as stress management classes, depression screenings, and multitudes of other events regarding mental health.

“There’s defiantly a stigma and lots of stereotypes we are doing our best to break,” Mcmin continued, “We deal especially with a lot athletes who feel they’re supposed to be strong and if they seek help for their mental health they might be perceived as weak.”

As the notion of national Mental Health week was brought forward, Mcmin had this to state, “It’s just being aware and promoting our services and encouraging our students to take care of themselves.”

To speak with a counselor, call the of office of Counseling services or come by the office during the hours of 8am to 5pm on Monday through Thursday and 8am to 12pm on Fridays.

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