Students face their fears in NSU’s first Fear Factor

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Article Written by: Jasmine Frazier

Last Monday, the School of Biological and Physical Sciences and Dr. Lindsey hosted NSU’s first ever Fear Factor.

As demon days are coming to an end, Dr. Lindsey Porter wanted something fun and gross for students to get it in to. There were five challenges the students had to go through that tested your speed and how strong their stomachs were.

“This was a great way to have a fun event that incorporates the school of Biological and Physical Sciences,” said Dr. Porter.

Students were able to test their fears and do things they probably never thought about doing.

Out of the 7 constants, Jordan Thomas was the winner of Fear Factor.

“The first challenge was to pick up hissing cockroaches, and I don’t know how I did that because I hate cockroaches.” Jordan Thomas explained “The cockroaches were the hardest part everything else was pretty easy.”

The winner took home a Halloween bucket full of goodies and left with a great kickoff to Demon Days.

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