Calling All Freshmen Connector Candidates!


Article Written by Brianna Corley

Freshmen connection is one of the most prominent programs Northwestern State University offers. An intricately planned event where a new class of bright, promising students are welcomed by warm smiles, phenomenal memories, and the opportunity to create life long bonds.

The race is already on to find the newest, and most capable, team to lead the way as last Thursday one of the many informationals on becoming a Freshmen Connector was held in the Cane River Room.

“I’m super exited, this is our third informational and though it’s not a requirement to apply to be a freshmen connector it allows me to meet them for the first time,” stated Anna Gasperecz, director and presenter of the #FC19rush as it was officially titled.

Six students found themselves attending, adamantly jotting down notes and listening to Ms. Anna’s explanation of what it takes to be a Freshmen Connector. From creating skits for both incoming students and to perform in competitions to an entire summer spent dedicated to aiding their university, connectors do it all.

“I loved this event, it was really nice getting to know about everything the position and what goes into an application,” noted Jessica Mullican, one of the attending students.

When inquired of the upcoming Freshmen connection program, Ms. Anna ended with this. “I’m excited, our enrollment numbers are up and I’m excited for the team and what our students can show our new students coming in.”

The first Freshmen Connection will be held at Northwestern State University, set for May 23 -24.

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