Pageant Time! For Miss Black and Gold to Soon be Crowned

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Written by: Taijha Silas

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will host the Miss Black and Gold pageant Nov. 2 in Magale Recital Hall.

The group has hosted the pageant since 2007. Alpha Phi Alpha member and Miss Black and Gold committee member Gabriel Decuir said the Miss Black and Gold Pageant is ”A way for women around campus to express themselves in a genuine way.” Contestants might show ” a side you may not know,” she said.

Pageant participant Korey Rachal said her goal “is to help show other women to not be timid in front of a crowd and to show their uniqueness and talents.”

Requirements for pageant contestants include a 2.5 grade point average.

Alpha Phi Alpha hosts multiple informational sessions leading up to the pageant to get different women in the community involved.

The pageant awards winners three different scholarships and the title of Miss Black and Gold.

The chapter has revitalized the pageant to make it more contemporary. “We are including intermission acts,” Decuir said. “We have changed up the categories of the pageant and our venue.”

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