BluVudoo set to perform in concert at NSU!


Article written by: Brianna Corley

Through KNWD an assortment of phenomenal bands with outstanding potential have found publicity and endless opportunities for further growth.

BluVudoo, an extraordinarily versatile group which focuses primarily on R&B, jazz, and pop, is one of these many. This outstanding band first formed through last minute booking on account of a gig at a farmer’s market. “I needed a group of people I knew could get many hours of rehearsal in each day for a week,” stated Alexander Guillory, the band’s leader and sax player. Alongside him are Eric Kneely on base, keyboardist Andrew Boyd, drummer Austin Pierre, and Sussette Salter acting as lead singer.

“I feel that we have evolved beyond that,” remarked Alex, “We can still provide quiet, background jazz but are capable of playing in any style you may need.” Something which has worked marvelously in their favor as BluVudoo have found themselves booking various gigs throughout Alexandria and Natchitoches with their unique, driven sound reminiscent of powerhouse figures such as Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind, and Fire.

When inquired of BluVudoo’s founding purpose, Alex had this to say. “A, the experience of playing in a band always helps in the growth of musicianship,” he then continued, offering a warm laugh, “B, to make money.” BluVudoo will be a participant in the upcoming, highly anticipated Attack of the Bands to be hosted by KNWD October 11th and will be holding a performance at the Natchitoches parish fair from 6:00 to 8:00 on the 28th.  The band can be contacted through means of Facebook, Instagram, or their own website

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