“Let the Good Times Roll!”


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First Day of Classes Ends in Splattered Colors

A brand new schools year means a time to create new and lasting memories.

The First Year Experience along with Coca-Cola hosted its annual Color Chaos on organization row last Monday, leaving over 400 students colored in paint.

For Scholars College freshman Madison Duplechine, her first day of classes on campus turned from a day of jitties to excitement.

“It was just nice to just go and relax for an hour or two and meet new people or hang out with people you meet in classes or orientation and just be a kid again, running around throwing paint on about 50 people,”  Duplechine said.

Ever since Northwestern State began its Color Chaos five years ago, it has continued to successfully increase the amount of student attendance along with the paint that comes with it.

Since Color Choas began five years ago, student attendance has increased from “400 to 500 students,” said Hunter Horton, Director of Leasing of University Housing.

“We’ve expanded the field every year since then and it had really grown into what it is now. “To have 400 to 500 students come together is just an upsurge amount of people and just a great coming together of so many different people,” Horton said.

Horton also empathized the importance of diversity and fellowship.

“I always look forward to this event because it really brings just about everyone. Everyone gets to wear the same type of shirt and by the end of it everyone looks completely different.”It really shows diversity and that everyone is not afraid to get down and dirty and just really have a good time,” Horton added.

The first week of Demon Days is only the beginning on what’s to come. The First Year Experience, Student Government Association and Freshman Connection along with many other student organizations, are dedicated to bringing all Demons the best experience.

“Everybody has such a passion for Northwestern, and we really want our students to have the best experience possible because we genuinely care for our students and will go the extra mile to make these events as best as possible,” said  Zachary Breaux, Freshman Connector and SGA External Affairs Commissioner.

The first 42 days of the semester are filled with many activities hosted by a variety of student organizations, can be found on nsula.edu/demondays.


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