NSU mourns Sgt. Anderson

Sgt. Kerry Anderson with his wife, Annette.


Flags around campus were half-staff as the NSU Police Department and the Natchitoches community mourned the loss of Sgt. Kerry Anderson.

On Friday, March 17, Anderson died suddenly of a heart attack while on duty. He served Northwestern State’s students, faculty and staff for more than 20 years.

The wake for Anderson was on Monday, March 20, followed by his funeral on Tuesday.

His end of watch is “unreal” for his colleagues who knew Anderson to be a man who truly loved his job in law enforcement.

“He is one of those guys that we always joked about he was going to retire and then start back working again,” Officer Chase Voorhies said.

Voorhies first met Anderson in January 2016, when he started at the university, and had been on Anderson’s shift since May. Each week, they worked 12 hours a day, five days a week on shift together.

As a sergeant, Anderson was responsible for making sure officers on his shift followed all the policies and procedures, and that they were filling out reports as well as assisting in calls if needed.

“He lived an honorary life. He has gone through his hardships, but he never did let them weigh him down,” Voorhies said. “He would always just lace his boots back up and keep kicking, keep going.”

Sgt. Kerry was not the type of guy to stand still for too long. He lived his life traveling across Louisiana whenever he was not at work.

“He was always moving… and he was 57…” Voorhies said. “You would think he was in his 30s still. He just moved, and he just did not stop.”

“He loved his Harley, and he loved to ride on motorcycles,” Voorhies said. “When he and his wife went out to eat, it was never around here. They would run to Shreveport, run to Baton Rouge, run to Lake Charles. They were always on the road. They loved going and doing.”

Anderson also loved attending men’s basketball games and was very close with Coach Mike McConathy.

“He loves basketball. Every home game, he would have Powerade waiting for Coach Mike and the players,” Voorhies said.

His service was not limited to NSU’s campus. Previously, he worked in both Sabine and Caddo Parish and with the Shreveport Police Department.

Student safety was always his priority. He would often keep a lookout for people around campus that seemed suspicious and would check them out to make sure students were safe. After the car robberies in spring 2016, he ramped up patrol around Kyser and Russell Hall, where students often stay late.

Captain Harrell had known Anderson since 2007 and relied on him to run his shift. “He would work pretty much anything we asked,” Harrell said. “He was very hands-on wanting to do stuff.”

“As a commander of a police department, that is what you look for when you’re a supervisor. You want somebody that is motivated, will do what you ask, [will] make sure the community of Northwestern is taken care of, and he did that,” Harrell said.

Most, if not all, NSU police officers attended the funeral Tuesday to show their respects to their colleague.

“Any time we lose one of our brothers… it’s definitely difficult… he’s not going to be easily replaced,” Harrell said.

The Current Sauce extends our condolences to Sgt. Anderson’s family, the NSU Police Department and everyone that knew him.

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