Intramural participants reflect on experiences

Contributing Reporter

Intramural sports allow students in clubs and organizations to play sports in college without playing at a high level of competition on the official school team.

Groups from RSOs and other groups of students compete regularly, like in the basketball season and tournament the WRAC hosted this past month.

The regular season for basketball started Jan. 30, ended Feb. 10, and was followed by the Demon Cup tournament; the Baptist Collegiate Ministry won the Demon Cup, men’s champs were Team Niko Juice and Tri Sigma won the women’s championship.

Although most fraternity members said they appreciate what intramurals do to strengthen their muscles, most agree it benefits their bonds. Sports, according to most brothers, are about friendly competition and staying active and healthy, but the bonding a team creates after spending free time together in practices and games cannot be denied.

Competition is obviously a part of sports, but not every team is in it for the championship title.

“Intramurals promote a healthy lifestyle,” David Johnson, member of Pi Kappa Phi, said. “It gets students out of their rooms and library to get an hour or more of activity.”

Aaron Savell of Pi Kappa Alpha emphasized the importance of athleticism in intramurals.

“Intramurals are very important to everyone who was an athlete in high school but either chose or could not play at the next level,” Savell said. “This gives each athlete a chance to relive their high school days in a college setting.”

Even though the season only lasts a few weeks, brothers say time spent together building teammates up and striving to be the best on and off the court builds a closer bond with students that participate.

Theta Chi member Ty Hester said he “[liked] getting to know everyone else on a different level and building a brotherhood experience.”

Members of other fraternities such as Kappa Alpha Order, Alpha Phi Alpha and Sigma Nu agree that brotherhood is increased between members who partake in intramurals.

Whether the motivation behind playing is competition, bonding or staying in shape, intramural sports hold a special place in members’ college experiences.

“Intramurals are very important to my fraternity,” Savell said. “We strive to do the best in everything that we do, and athletics are no different from everything else.”

Upcoming intramural activities can be found at the WRAC or online at

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